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Great eLearning Video & Motion Graphics

Learning that Sticks

Industrial Strength Learning makes video and motion graphics for the training industry. Take a look at the photo animation above. Watch it all the way to the end. Yes, it’s different from what you might expect to see. But it’s proven to be effective. There were 3 learning objectives in the short video. And all three were met. The Carlito series is comprised of about 40 of these photo animations which were part of a larger course. The animation was designed to be seen and remembered by its audience; Males 25-35 who had a GED or high school diploma.

There’s a lot of eLearning video in the market. Some it is very good. Much of it is, if you’ve seen one … you know the picture. When you create your training video or motion graphic with  Industrial Strength Learning, it’s probably going to be a bit different. It will teach to your learning objectives. It will be original. And teach real lessons. Industrial Strength Learning has been taking eLearning video and motion graphics to places where it’s never been before.

Storytelling at Our Core

Storytelling is the heart of what we do. We make funny visual stories. We make serious visual stories. Storytelling is the core of what we do. You won’t forget Industrial Strength Learning’s work. In a different life, Industrial Strength Learning created multiple award winning documentaries, news and commercials. All three forms of video and animation tell stories at their core. eLearning video has not been storytelling medium for many organizations. Video is also a newer form of media that’s been enabled by the ubiquity of devices that allow us to record and play back video. We all respond to stories, that’s human nature and Industrial Strength Learning capitalizes on that.

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